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Koh Lipe Thailand

Koh Lipe (sometimes referred to as Koh Leepeeh or Koh Leepay)is a small island in the Southern Thai province of Satun, and is situated in the Andaman Sea. The island is part of the Tarutao National Marine Park, a large group of over 70 islands. Koh Lipe is part of a smaller cluster of 10 island, about 70 kilometres off shore. All of the islands can be visited on day trips, and the largest island in the group, Koh Adang, has bungalows ran by the National Park Authority. The name "Koh Lipe" means paper Island in the local Chao Ley(or Urak Lawoi or Sea Gypsy) language.

Koh Sipe or Koh Lipe
The villagers will built a boat from Rakam wood and perform a ceremony to float the boat, according to their belief in the prediction of their fishing. The prominent features of Koh Lipe are natural coral reefs, beauty of a vast open bay, and a powdered-sand beach. Ao Phattaya is a beautiful bay in a curved shape with a white fine beach, which is within a 15-minute walking distance from Hat Chao Le or Chao Le Beach.

About Koh Lipe

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Koh Lipe
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Koh Lipe Resorts

Lipe Island

Koh Lipe's beaches feature clear, calm, and shallow water. There are four main beaches to relax on: Pattaya Beach in the south the most popular beach; Sunrise Beach in the east, near the Chao Ley village; Karma Beach in the north which faces the Adang/Lipe channel; and Sunset Beach in the west, which as the name implies, faces the sunset.

Get around
All of Ko Lipe can be covered on foot, although its size at first can be a little deceiving. There are few motorcycles around the island, none of which are for rent. There are no cars on the island. Longtail boats will take you from any point on the island to any other point on the island for 50 baht. Small concrete roads link the various beaches.
Ko Sipe or Ko Lipe Ko Sipe or Ko Lipe